WIN_20150117_110547So you came here to learn about my spiritual journey. Much like all of you I refused to believe that everything that happened to me was just chance. I was raised in a very religious household so spirituality was a way of life. It was one night in summer at the age of seventeen that my spiritually conservative life dramatically changed forever.

I had a boyfriend over for a date. During the date we got into a fight so he decided to go home. I wanted him to go as well and went to get ready for bed. I sat down at my vanity and began to brush my hair. I felt this cold chill on the back of my neck so I turned around to see if I had left the window open. It was closed so I just turned around and began brushing my hair again. The cold breeze returned but stronger and much cooler. I froze and began to get this sick feeling in my stomach. I had an over whelming feeling that if my boyfriend left that something bad was going to happen to him. I ran out there quickly in hopes to catch him before he left. I told him that I felt like something bad was going to happen tonight but my boyfriend would not listen. Panic swept over me as I begged him to stay and sleep on the couch. He refused to believe my warnings and left. On his way home he drove into an unexpected thick blanket of fog. The fog was so thick he was completely unable to see the road. Terrified he remembered my insightful warning and swerved to the right. He barely avoided a car in the wrong lane. Later when he got home he thanked me for saving his life.

Many years passed by as I tried to come up with a logical reason for my remarkable gifts. As the years passed by more and more unexplained occurrences happened. To find refuge I researched any and every possible alternative that would logically explain what was happening to me. For the longest time I suffered in silence. I was afraid to tell people about my abilities. I read more than 40 books on psychology, just about every self help book out there, endured several counseling sessions and researched the metaphysical. Finally I came across the definitive answer to my quest at the age of twenty-four and that was astrology. Now at twenty-four I didn’t know I had found the answer I had been searching for in fact it would take me several more years to convince myself that there is a science behind astrology. Because Harvard Medical School didn’t have any statistical proof that astrology actually has an affect human behavior I needed to find logical proof from a verifiable source. The verifiable source turned out to be me!

As the years went by and I studied astrology and determined that trends in behavior could be predicted by the study of the stars. The most fascinating to me was that the moon’s affect on behavior was acknowledged by hospitals and police departments. When the moon is full the hospital knows that they need additional staff to cover the maternity floor and emergency room. It is a fact that more women go into labor on a full moon than any time during the month. It is also a fact that police departments acknowledge that there is an increase in crime when the moon is full. Just as the moon affects the tides the moon also affects our behaviors. Finally I was able to track behavior by studying cycles of the moon. This fascinated me for years because it proved that astrology is actually a science that could be supported by reliable statistics.

Astrology opened my eyes wider to the fact that every individual has a special astrological path that is mapped out by the stars on the day of your birth. That is not to say that you are not able to change our destiny. Every day you make unconscious decisions that have consequences in your day to day life. By understanding your basic unconscious predispositions you can change your destiny by turning unconscious into consciousness!

There is nothing you cannot do if you align your goals with your authentic self. Life is not about pain, fear and limitation. I want to teach you that conforming to misguided expectations can limit your potential. You are all very special and deserve a happy ending at whatever stage of spiritual evolution you are. I went from being a religious conformist to a spiritually religious person. My journey took years and lots of mental discipline.

My soul purpose is to help people move from unconscious to conscious. There are many ways I approach spiritual ascension. To ascend is to align your life with your authentic self. Although I am religious and spirituality means to me turning to a higher power to receive my guidance for you it may be different. All religions are welcome here. Everyone has their own beliefs and journeys. I am not here to make you conform to my beliefs. I am here to help you accept your authentic self, align your life with your authentic self and help you achieve inner peace with your authentic self. Once you begin to look at yourself by understanding astrology and how it affects your day to day unconscious choices you will begin to understand how to make more conscious choices. You and I have a purpose on this planet. You are being programmed by media, the internet, your job, your spouse and your parents. You can consciously make choices starting today no matter how much outside programming you have had to endure.

Sometimes facing your authentic self is all you need to do to change your destiny. I find it so unbelievable that so many people walk the planet thinking that if they have the perfect family, the perfect house, the perfect car or make a certain amount of money that they have achieved a perfect life. The people that I know that have all of those goals met are some of the most miserable people out there. It is because they are not aligning their lives with their authentic self. This means that your Sun Sign in you is essentially not shining. This is often why some of you have suffered from depression and addiction to cope.

I took the steps to align my life with my authentic self by starting this website. For me to ascend I had to leave my critical Virgo South Node behind and align my life and my future with my carefree Pisces North Node. I am not going to lie it is very hard work to stop conforming to your predisposed South Node tendencies. I went from working in a job that was respected and accepted by others to helping guide people through the science of astrology that is not accepted or recognized by science or the general population. I acknowledged by authentic gifts and accepted that I am an empath. I achieved inner peace by accepting the consequences of acknowledging my gifts through social media. It is one thing to face who you are it is another thing to sing it out loud for the whole world to hear. There have been challenges but the rewards have been beyond what I can describe.

It is my hope that I can help as many people as I can to find inner peace and acceptance. I hope I can help you.

May you have many peaceful days filled with genuine love!