Leadership is embedded in your soul. Your life centers around making the world a safe place. There is nothing more important than protecting those that you think need protection. In a world that lacks discipline you often lead by example which is why people naturally follow your lead. You are not afraid to take a stand and overcome a situation that others would find intimidating. Yielding is not in your nature. Your mere presence dominates a room. People look up to you and wish they had your confidence. Conflict is energizing for you which is why you love to spar worthy opponents. You thrive in jobs that allow you protect and defend. If your leadership qualities are suppressed you will find yourself leading the unwilling. No other sign in the Universe is better suited to lead the world in a better direction to save humanity.


Rams are bighorn male sheep. Whether you are a female or a male Aries you are motivated by masculine energy. Aries energy rules the head. Hard headed is how your friends and family often define you. Your face and intellect captivates your audience. Your facial features are very chiseled. You are very courageous. You feel alive after you have conquered challenge. You often fight to show your dominance. Rushing into battle is ingrained in your soul. When others would be intimidated to climb up and over a challenge you proceed without hesitation. You will fight many battles in your lifetime that will alter the course of those you come across.


You come into this world with the passion and desire to make an impact. You can warm up a room by just by your shining presence. It is hard not to notice you when your fire is ignited. Those that reap the benefits of your celestial energy will feel inspired to enjoy life, take risks and throw caution to the wind. There is a sense of urgency about everything you do. Those that enjoy your warmth feel drawn to you like a moth to a flame. There is a saying that warns not to get too close to the flame for you will get burnt. In your lifetime you will burn many that you come in contact with. In the right conditions you can go from a gentle smolder to a raging inferno burning out of control. You will spend this lifetime learning how to control the element of fire that burns deep inside your soul. Your fire energy can be vital for the human race to feel but always respect its ability to cause massive destruction if it burns out of control.





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