The word empath is defined in the dictionary as a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual. I prefer to think of an empath as a person that has the ability to pick up on emotional fluctuations much like certain dogs may be able to detect a seizure in their owner before the onset of symptoms. An empath has the ability to not only detect emotional fluctuations but they also have the ability to absorb emotions of others much like a sponge absorbs water. An empath also has the ability to transfer energy to others either by willingly consoling someone with an emotional crisis or unwillingly through accidental interaction.

If is often hard for an empath at an early age to be able to explain why they experience mood fluctuations more than others. Many doctors explain away an empath’s abilities as various psychological disorders and give them mood stabilizers. It is difficult for a doctor to understand why their empath patients suffer even after prescribed medications. This is because although the medication may suppress an empath’s abilities the medication does not remove them completely.

Empath or Sensitive?

Empaths may often be referred to as senstives. Sensitive is a term that is starting to be accepted by the psychological community. This is very exciting because whether these abilities are considered empath or highly sensitive both acknowledge the existence of people who may need other forms of treatment to cope with the side effects of their abilities other than medication.

Both empaths and sensitives classifications identify the unique abilities for empaths to absorb others emotions. These two classifications also identify that people with emotional issues are instinctually drawn to them even if they are strangers. Moving forward in this article I am going to use the label empath. There is no explanation how these people in an emotional crisis identify these abilities. When an empath interacts with an emotionally wounded person they literally absorb their emotional burdens. This transference of energy often drains the empath of their positive energy. Once an empath has been through this transference of energy they need time to channel their newly acquired negative energy into positive energy. This process can be very hard on the empath depending on the severity of the emotional burden.

Dangers for Empaths

It is critical for an empath to be informed of their abilities so that they can identify dangers and learn how to cope with their limitations. If an empath is around someone that constantly is having emotional issues the empath may slip into depression. This is because they simply do not get enough time to recharge their positive energy. It is very important for an empath to recognize these emotional vampires. Although an empath’s instinct is to assist an emotional vampire they must understand their limitations and resist their urge to help this burdened soul. An empath has a difficult time understanding their limitations. With so many people being drawn to them they constantly feel tired and stressed for no reason. If an empath does not recognize that they have been suffering from sympathy pain (picked up from a suffering soul) medical professionals may misdiagnose and treat medical conditions that they do not have.

Coping with being an Empath

All children are born with empath abilities. The empath ability allows children to detect emotional fluctuations in adults and their environment which helps them identify danger even if they do not understand fully their dangerous situation. As some children mature they no longer need their heightened abilities and eventually grow out of them. The children that did not grow out of their empath abilities may start to recognize their abilities very early in life or around puberty. Although at the time they did not know they are an empath they understand that there was something very different about them. Once a child notices this difference they may withdraw and even fall into depression. Feeling different is very hard for these youths that do not understand their gift. From a young age they are taught to be like everyone else and to conform for acceptance. These children are often so different that they do not ever feel accepted by others. Because of their inability to conform these children often suffer from low self-esteem. Once these children understand that they are different they will act out to try to be noticed for their unique qualities. Without recognizing that they are gifted they may fall into negative coping skills such as drug, alcohol and sexual addictions.

It is very important to detect these gifted children at a young age and teach them how to manage their abilities. Once they have accepted their unique gifts they can learn to cope in positive ways. It is my personal quest to help parents understand that although there are very sick children out there who do need clinical assistance the majority of children that are medicated are simply gifted with a special ability to emotionally heal the world. This is why young adults with these abilities often have several friends that do not fit in or that may find it difficult to conform to society’s standards.

Once these children have formed their own unique standard of acceptance by accepting those that are unaccepted they begin to understand that the world is not supposed to be a world where everyone conforms. If these friends learn to manage their unique gifts through positive coping methods these individuals grow up to be the people that innovate the world with new inventions, write books, create art, start humanitarian efforts and maybe even change the world!

 Light Empaths and Dark Empaths

The dark empath:

The biggest danger for all empaths is to reach adulthood without recognizing their empath abilities. More than likely they suffered a lifetime of being misunderstood, over whelmed emotionally, misdiagnosed by the medical community and live their lives in fear of the next emotional fluctuation. They have more than likely been ridiculed their entire life for being overly emotional and suffer from many psychological scars. Lost in a world of constant suffering they isolate themselves for long periods of time to try to avoid the emotional burdens of others because they are too busy trying to manage their own suffering. These empaths may be what is referred to as dark empaths. They have very unique abilities to recognize the darkest part of humanity. Acceptance of their emotional fate the dark empath may be able to detect the paranormal world or anyone suffering from physical or emotional pain. They surround themselves with physical icons that represent their dark world as well as seek comfort from physical pain. They are the lost empaths and serve a very important purpose. They are able to see through the masks people wear. These empaths feel comfortable with the people that society labels as “undesirable”. The people who seek dark empaths feel accepted and can transfer their extreme emotional burdens without the emotional ramifications that the light empath would feel from these emotional vampires. Since suffering is in silence is the dark empaths fate they can only be recharged by light empaths or animals.

These empaths are the emotional warriors. If they can stop hiding from their pain they can really change the world by facing the people that society wants to forget about. They carry such great burdens with very little recognition for their abilities. The dark empath is like having the infrared ability to see at night which is why they are so helpful for their light empath friends. The dark empath is not as optimistic and refuses to see things at face value. There is no way to pull something over on a dark empath because they more than likely have sized you up at first glance.

With all of their negative abilities they are constantly drained. They need very long periods of isolation to recharge. It is recommended that they surround themselves by many light empaths as their dark outlook may be hard for one light empath to constantly endure. A house hold full of pets is strongly recommended dark empaths because animals help dark empaths feel loved and accepted.

Without dark empaths the world would be full of liars and people with undetectable masks. These empath are the warriors put on this earth to expose the darkest parts of humanity so that we can make polices to reveal their crimes. They walk around with the weight of the world on their shoulders and without the proper love and understanding they often succumb to their darkness.

With love they can flourish and change the world. We NEED them as a society. Even through their inability to fit in may make us uncomfortable we cannot exist without them!

The light empath:

For the children that accepted their difference at a young age and decided to make a change by positively influencing the world they have a much less painful outcome. Although all empaths suffer emotional fluctuations light empaths must be very careful with how much positive energy they lose. They are the people that immediately light up a room that they walk into. Even though they tend to be withdrawn and shy their company is sought by many. People just feel better being around them! For light empaths deep sorrow is completely overwhelming. They cannot recover nearly as fast as dark empaths. They need many short periods of isolation to recharge and restore their optimistic outlooks so craved by people suffering emotionally. They have an uncanny ability to evaluate any situation and seek a peaceful compromise. They exchange energy fully aware of the emotional burden they will suffer later. Light empaths often over commit to energy exchanges for they instinctively have a hard time turning down those in need.

The light empath is an enabler so people usually take advantage of their overly generous natures. They have several very dysfunctional relationships because they are unable to distinguish which people are using them for their emotional gifts. The light empath must be very careful to manage their abilities because if they suffer too much they may develop some very poor coping skills and may resort to escapism to hide from their pain. These empaths may have several financial problems due to frequent job changes and dysfunctional relationships. Although light empaths are incredibly resilient thanks to the helping hands of their dark empath friends light empaths may be too overly optimistic for their own good.

If the light empath does not have a good support system they may pick up on some dark empath tendencies. They must be very careful to not turn to the dark side altogether. If a light empath loses their optimism they slip easily into depression and may even consider suicide to escape their pain. Hopefully they turn their lives around and face their gifts with the same optimistic qualities they offer the world. If they do they can make a huge difference in the world.  Light empaths are needed more than ever because without their optimism and innovations to change this world’s outcome our diseased world may lose all hope for a Utopian society.

If you have any questions about empaths please contact me anytime. I am very passionate about this subject. It took many years of suffering to finally be at peace with my empath abilities. I look at them as a gift now. I feel very blessed to be a light empath. I have learned to set limitations and manage my gift.