“Wise man speak because they have something to say; Fools speak because they have to say something.”-author Plato

One of the most important skills to learn in the physical realm is the art of communication. Luckily communication is not a skill you will have to learn because it is embedded deep in your core. You are quick witted and adapt easily to any situation. You have a silver tongue and mesmerize your audience with your ability speak with confidence. You are magician when it comes to words. The way your body language expresses your state of mind is alluring and unforgettable. People sense that you are easy to talk to will listen to them. You have a lot to say and express yourself easily. You are the type of person that someone can talk to for hours and never run out of interesting things to talk about. There is nothing like talking to a Gemini and feeling like you are completely understood. No one in the Universe is as playful and as youthful minded as a energetic Gemini. You are young at heart even in your winter years.


“It’s double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you are blessed with twins”-author unknown

There are two sides to every coin. No one understands that saying better than you. You are the divine feminine and the divine masculine. You excel in polarity learning. You may not initially understand the consequences of what you say or do but you are insightful enough to learn from your faux pas. You love to play around in the world of the gray. In a world that is black and white you are very refreshing for those that meet you. You seem fearless in conversation. You are the shape shifter of the Zodiac. You are the darkness and light contained in one soul. You like to do several tasks the same time. Many people that know you swear you suffer from split personality disorder. Your mind is so agile that it may seem like you are indecisive but that could not be further from the truth. Your mind is constantly interpreting and adapting to an ever changing environment. Many people simply cannot relate to your amazing superpower.  You are more than meets the eye. When people meet you they think they know you but they do not. You are complex and constantly evolving so it is impossible to really know you. To know you is to love you. Your energy is utterly contagious!


“I decided to fly through the air, live in the sunlight and enjoy life as much as I could.”-author Evel Knievel

The element of air allows you to shift the directions of your thoughts effortlessly. You can embrace the vastness of air blowing through a large open field as well as tunneling the air through a very narrow opening. It is because of this that you can learn very complex tasks quicker than other zodiac signs. Your mind never stops thinking about the possibilities of what is intriguing you. Talking about the thoughts that ebb and flow in your mind is of utmost importance to you. You surround yourself  with unique and interesting people that engage your thirst for knowledge. Your mind must be allowed to float into uncharted territories for you to thrive. It is because of this that your air element must never become stagnant. Stagnant air is suffocating and lifeless. Opening the windows and doors to the boundaries that lie within the mind is powerful and very rewarding.


You are like a mound of clay with no recognizable form for those who are not mutable. You look at life through many different lenses. You are a genius when analyzing the polarity of a situation. You can somehow embrace the extremes in a mindset and meet in the middle. This ability makes you extremely adaptable and resilient. Others may think you are flaky and unreliable but you do not live in the realm of black and white thinking. There are 50 shades of gray and throughout your lifetime you will dabble in every shade of gray that comes across your path. You may find it hard to make a decision because your mind is constantly shifting direction. You have so much to consider because of the limitless possibilities that exist. Your mind is not a quite place. It is an endless configuration of ones and zeros that never seem to stop forming patterns. Life is an adventure for the mind and body when you have a mutable quality. The only thing that can harden you into an unrecognizable form is when others try to contain you. Restricting you in any way removes your joie de vivre. When restricted you will find the path of least resistance and break away from the oppressive source.


Fun facts about the Gemini’s & Virgo’s ruling planet.

  • It takes 88 days for mercury to rotate the sun.
  • Mercury is the smallest and innermost planet in the solar system.
  • Mercury was named after the Roman deity Mercury, messenger of the Gods.
  • Three to four times a year mercury goes retrograde.
  • Every seven years or so mercury can be seen from earth.
  • Mercury has no atmosphere which is why it is the second hottest planet in the solar system.

When you are ruled by Mercury you think quickly and decisively. Fluctuations in thoughts are just as drastic as the extremes on mercury’s surface. During the day the surface of mercury is estimated to be 430°C (800°F) and during the night it is estimated to get as cool as -170°C (-280°F). When you understand mercury you realize why those of you who are ruled by this fast moving planet are able to interpret information at the speed at which you do.

When mercury goes retrograde 3 to 4 times a year it allows you to slow down and think about all of changes that have happened throughout the year. This is a reflective time that is much needed downtime for Geminis and Virgos. You are inundated by constant input which is mentally draining. The retrograde cycle of mercury allows you to gather your thoughts and ponder your various choices. Things that usually distracts Geminis and Virgos become less productive. You may feel frustrated during a retrograde cycle because you are so used to running at a very high speed. You may feel sluggish, introspective, mentally disconnected. It is not uncommon for electronics to malfunction that you use for communication. You may not be as productive at work. If a problem arises at work you may not be able to come up with a productive solution. You may feel the urge to reach out and discuss the past with those you have unfinished business with. Mental and physical health problems may rear their ugly head forcing you to relax and stop socializing for those three weeks.

Geminis embrace mercury’s energy in the form of the twins. Two separate halves of a soul form inside a Gemini to make a complete soul. The division of the Gemini can on a very basic level be defined as a light twin and a dark twin. Those of you born with a Gemini sun must explore these two opposing ways of thinking so that you can understand why you must make a commitment to a specific mindset. This is why it is very difficult for all Geminis to make a decision. You spend a lot of time flowing in and out of these polarities without passing judgement. It is not uncommon for those of you that are ruled by mercury to almost reach a decision and suddenly change your mind without provocation. You must explore the vastness between polarity. Your mind never stops asking the question, “Why?”. It is because of this curiosity that your guides come to you in many forms. Music, media, your environment all communicate with you. You see what others cannot see through forming patterns out of random facts.



Gemini as a child (0-28 years):

The Positive: “I can’t wait to tell you about what I saw today!”

You had so much curiosity that others wanted to show you things that intrigued you. You are warmhearted and full of life as a child. You always had a lot to talk about and your innocence was refreshing and often made people happy to be around you. You learned how to tell people what they wanted to hear at a very young age so it was easy to attract who you wanted to get to know.

The Negative: “You never let me have fun.”

As a child it was difficult to hold yourself back because you were so curious about everything. There were many times that your family did not understand you. When you were younger you may have tried to get others attention by showing off. Your parents did not give you enough attention so you learned to rely on your friends for the attention you craved. If you had siblings you bonded with them like a twin or you despised them and tried to constantly get them in trouble. You may have gotten in trouble frequently for lying or embellishing the truth. Your parents never seemed to let you have fun and often lectured your about your choices. When frustrated you may have thrown huge temper tantrums or given others the silent treatment. You learned to tell others what they wanted to hear at a very young age to get what you wanted.

Gemini as an adult (29-end years):

The Positive-“When I need good advice I always know who to come to.”

Later in life you will experience a deeper understanding of the power of polarity. This wisdom makes you unstoppable as an adult. You have reinvented yourself multiple times in your adult life.  You excel in any field that allows you exhibit your exemplary communication skills. You are well read and know a little about a lot of fascinating topics. You have a gift for gab so sales is a money maker for the adult Gemini. Learning about something new is never intimidating to you because you have a great deal of life experience help guide your decision making. You may be attracted to moving around if you get bored by your environment. You are the ultimate story teller because you have lived multiple lives in one lifetime. You are a treasure chess of odd facts and trivia which makes you very entertaining. You have a very discerning eye so it is hard pull a fast one on you unless you are infatuated by that person. You can get more done in one hour than most people can do in one week. In times of crisis you can come up with the fastest solution.

The Negative-“Put your phone down and watch the movie with me!”

As an adult you find it harder and harder to get mentally stimulated by the physical realm. You may engage in risky behavior to keep the thrill of life alive. You can’t sit down for too long without getting bored. You may find that the older you get the more critical you get. You may find that you are are debatable with those that do not understand you. In order to keep your long term relationships alive you may engage in emotional affairs on social media. As you get older you need less and less attention which can leave others longing for the way you used to be. The twins become more separated as the older you become. Your friends and family often prefer one or the other twin but find it hard to handle both of them.

Gemini as a friend:

The Positive-“I really need a friend to talk to right now!”

You are an unforgettable friend. Whenever your friends need someone to talk to they reach out to you for a shoulder to cry on. You are always up for a good time. You like to go to new places and try new things which makes you so fun to hang out with. When you are a in good mood you like to keep the subjects light and energizing. You love to brighten your friends day with your shining smile and inviting personality. Your friends let you take the lead in conversations that they may not know that much about. Your good friends appreciate your resilience and ability to find the silver lining in every cloud. If one of your friends is trying to solve a problem you are quick to give them a logical solution. Your friends often turn into love interests. You also like to make ex-boyfriends/ex-girlfriends your friends after the relationship ends.

The Negative-“I can’t believe you said that about me!”

You can be moody. It may be hard for your friends completely understand your dualistic personality. People often describe you as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Your friends may complain that you are flaky and unreliable. You have a tendency to make plans and cancel at the last minute because you change your mind. You are a very attentive friend for a while but drop off the face of the earth when distracted by someone else. You tend to monopolize the conversation in social settings. It can be frustrating for people who are too busy to give you the type of attention you seek. You talk a lot of shit to impress your friends. You act like you know more than you do and when called out you give your friend the silent treatment or may end the friendship altogether.

Gemini as a lover:

The Positive-“I just met you and I feel like I can tell you anything!”

You are attracted to those that you can talk to for hours. You like to pepper your partner with texts, tweets, IMs and phone calls. There is nothing like knowing throughout the day that someone is thinking about you. If something happens good or bad throughout the day you want to tell your love interest about it. You are very attentive and love tons of attention. You love to play and need to be mentally stimulated the person who has caught your eye. Attracting people is something you do very easily often without even trying. Being with a Gemini is never boring because change is something that excites you. Role playing, sex in public, PDA and professing your love on social media is something that you find crazy sexy. After a energetic night of making love you deeply enjoy a heartfelt conversation about your future together.

The Negative-“You lied to me again?”

You are the consummate flirt which can often lead other people on. You can be very excited by a new partner but lose interest very quickly if you get bored. You are known to be a bit of player in the Zodiac. Many will define you as a smooth talker that is more talk than action. It is not uncommon for you promise someone the world but not deliver. You love to socialize and may often forget to check in with your partner if you are distracted by something  or someone more exciting. Getting caught up in the moment often gets you in trouble. You like to keep your options open in case you get bored. Lying can become a poor coping method if you are not happy in a relationship. Embellishing the truth is something you do so that you can soften the blow that you an unhappy partner will feel if they knew that truth.

Gemini as a co-worker:

The Positive-“If it wasn’t for you I would quit this job!”

When you start a new job you are enthusiastic about learning everything there is to learn about your new position. If you are mentally stimulated by what you do you give your job 100 percent. You learn very quickly and have an ability to discern what needs your immediate attention. Co-workers can count on you to jump in and save the day at any given moment. If something comes up that is a new job process you can easily adapt to a fresh approach. You like to get to the point in conversations and don’t like long explanations. Too many details will bore you and take the fun out of learning it for yourself. You are a beloved co-worker because you take the time to get to know all the people that you work with everyday. You are lighthearted and don’t like to be bogged down with negative subjects. If someone comes to you with an intense mindset you often try to distract them with an uplifting funny story to try to make them feel better. You are approachable and easy to talk to about work related topics. When you are at work you notice everything and every body. You silently study your environment and adapt to who you interact with.

The Negative-“Talking shit again?”

You get bored very easily by the mundane. You often change jobs frequently because you cannot work in an environment that does not mentally stimulate you. You start a lot of projects you don’t finish. Socializing embedded deep inside your core which is why you often get caught up in the work/office gossip. If you are bored you will stir up chaos just so that you can be stimulated again by your sedentary environment. Workplace affairs or inappropriate work relationships are something tend to get involved with. Many Geminis tend to be two faced at work. You have a tenancy to take on more than you can possibly attend to simply because you did not understand how much work would be involved in the task. You make make superficial judgments of people simply because you have not taken the time to fully get to know them.