Today life is changing at an alarming pace. Because of this constant change many of you are unable to decipher the direction you are supposed to go. Everyone needs someone to talk to about what they are going through yet many of you are able to confess your new awakening to family and friends.

Because of your sudden awakening you have turned to astrology to seek the direction you need to take to live an authentic life. It is as though astrology for you is shining a bright light on a dimly lit road. As you turn in the direction of the light you find that the bright light has now illuminated signs pointing in so many directions you may be struggling to know which direction to take.

Astrology is such a vast subject which is why you may feel that you need to be guided by an Astrologer rather than embark on your journey alone. So many of you want someone to talk who can point you in the direction of your life path destiny.

Annette is a unique astrologer in the fact that she is also an empath. An empath is someone who who is capable of feeling the emotions of others as if she were feeling those emotions herself. Her connection to energy allows her combine the science of astrology with the gift of being an empath. It through this gift that she can heal many of your energetic deficiencies at the same time she provides you with her unique understanding of astrology aspects and how they affect your life.

The “Basic Package” that allows you to start your journey to understand astrology at an affordable price. Please feel free to email Annette at Annettes Astrology Corner if you are unsure of which package would be suit your overall needs.


Face to Face Session: $50.00 per hour

Copy of Face to Face Session: Sent via Google Drive or email: $50.00 (total=$100.00)

Phone Session: $45.00 per hour

Software Requirement: Skype (Preferred).


The reason I don’t have a PayPal link on my website is because I want to make sure I can process your request as quickly as possible. If I am overwhelmed with orders I may not be able to get to your request in a timeframe that would be ideal for you. If my schedule allows for additional orders you will receive an email indicating when I am available for a 1 hour reading sessions.



How do I schedule a face to face discussion with Annette?

You can place your order by filling out the request form at the bottom of this page. You will asked to provide the required information needed to process your order. You will find instructions on how to complete the form above each package.

Once Annette’s Astrology Corner has confirmed your order you will receive a schedule request via email. Because her availability varies she asks that you email your schedule request as soon as possible. Schedule request under 48 hours will not be considered as her schedule rarely has last minute availability.

Order Processing Information

Once Annette’s Astrology Corner receives your order request you will receive an email within 48 hours that will confirm your order. This email will include instructions as to how to proceed with your order. Once a date and time has been agreed upon you will be sent a payment request from PayPal. Once your payment has been processed you will receive a receipt of purchase along with a confirmation of the agreed upon date and time. Please remember that Annette’s Astrology Corner is in a “Pacific Time Zone“.

How do I download SKYPE?

The preferred method for Face to Face discussions at Annette’s Astrology Corner is via SKYPE. You can download the software at Once the software has been downloaded please search for contact name Annette’s Astrology Corner.

Thank you for choosing Annette’s Astrology Corner! I look forward to getting to know you.







Annette Klein

The Empath Astrologer


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